Sometimes when I play a song alone to myself or to a loved one, in some hotel room, a backstage hall or whatever… A thought occurs to me. How beautifully pure and honest is this moment. How intimate and personal is this setting for a song to be set free.

IN A BOX was made to try to recreate those close and personal moments and capture them in an intimate,        almost voyeuristic way.

I close myself with some instruments, my songs, a camera, and nothing else for 48 hours.

Not a recording studio. Not a stage. Any room that inspires in it’s imperfection. 

Live recordings. No cuts or edits. No stopping and fixing. Just as though I am singing to somebody there, in front of me. With me and that song in that room at that moment.




All rights belong to Telmavar Records LTD and Asaf Avidan.


All songs written, composed and produced by Asaf Avidan

Cinematography - Ori Bahat & Etienne Jeanneret

Sound recording - Edouard Bonan

Video Editing - Asaf Avidan

Video Effects - Jacob Wehrmann

Executive Production - Les Autres

Production assistant - Rosita Pompili


Shot in - La Chartreuse de Neuville

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